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guariroba farm


Country: Brazil

Altitude: 1,100

Region: Sul de Minas

Variety: Catucai Amarelo

Process: Natural

Flavor: Molasses, Fruity

Body: Medium Velved

Acidity: Balanced

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Grower Homero Pavia draws upon a long heritage of coffee production.


He represents the 5th generation and a new one is already following in the family's footsteps. Homero's uncle, Fernando Pavia, a wise and visionary man, now 90 years old, started to produce good quality coffees in the 1940's. At the time, he saw the potential of the Santo Antônio do Amparo region for the specialty natural coffees. Based on his belief, passion, and hard work, he did a lot for the specialty coffee sector in Brazil and brought many to his side. Fernando is one of the founders of the Brazil Specialty Coffee Association.

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Deeply rooted in Brazilian tradition, Guariroba Farm is named for one of the country's native palm trees. Fittingly, the farm will represent Brazil in the Coffee World Cup. In the 2016 edition of the Cup of Excellence in Brazil, Guariroba farm had four coffee lots in the finals, and by winning the prestigious Cup of Excellence competition, Guariroba garners one of the coffee's highest honors. Receiving the top score out of thousands of entries, this micro-lot was evaluated initially by a national jury before being cupped numerous times over a three-week stretch by a panel of international experts.


From Farm to Cup 


01: Guariroba Farm


Using selective harvesting, our suppliers will harvest only the red ripe coffee cherries and leave the green unripe cherries on the branch. Guariroba Farm is UTZ & Fair Trade Certified and provides the highest quality coffee cherries available.

02: Selective harvesting


All harvests are spread out and checked for quality. Unripe or overripe fruit, as well as any foreign debris or objects that accidentally make their way into the coffee are culled. Once culled, all coffee is stored and shipped in hermetically sealed bags. 

03: Freshly Roasted Coffee


The coffee arrives and is freshly roasted by our expert roasters. All coffee roasts are single origin and meet strict quality control measures before it is served or packaged for you.

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the same coffee you love to roast, only without caffeine. 

Swiss Water Process Decaf

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